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After Dinner Speaking:

These type of talks are no more than 15 minutes long. Each presentation covers a variety of topics, but the use of humour is central to the execution of the event. I have only two in my portfolio at the moment, but more will be included in due course.

The Secrets in a Handshake:

Discover what different types of handshakes tell you and what they don’t reveal. How distance and gaze can have an effect on other people, and especially when men are engaged with those women dubbed irresistible.

That’s one Hell of a Member:

This one of those after dinner talks that consists of a couple of amusing adult humour stories to entertain your audience.




The following talks and activities are one hour in length.


Body Language(1): (Proxemics, gestures and eye contact)

How do police officers know that you have seen them? Why are some people more likeable than others? What are the secrets to be found in a handshake? There are some women who are irresistible to men whether they like it or not. What are the mysterious messages they unconsciously send? Discover answers to these questions as well as enjoying fascinating insights into personal space, eye behaviour and the business, social and courtship gazes (Suitable for after dinner functions when projector not appropriate)

Body Language(2): (Liars and Lovers)

More secrets about sex signals, desire and lust. What are the signals that attract others? How to spot a lie or a liar. Spellbinding and intriguing. (Best, but not essential) when audience have already heard Body Language(1).

Living, Loving and Stress:

This session is about living and surviving to today’s society. There are innumerable demands placed upon individuals, not only in the workplace, but in everyday life. Some people survive apparently unscathed, whereas others feel they struggle. Are you doing what you want to do most of the time, or are you living in a state of having to do so much that it becomes a strain. On the other hand you may well feel completely trapped by your situation and unable to escape. Whether your glass is half full or half empty, you may well find this talk one of the most important events in your life.

Whether your glass is half full or half empty, you may well find this tack one of the most important events in your life.

The Five Minute Palmist:

After this session you will be able to fun read your hand. Spot someone having a secret affair by looking at their sinister hand! Good fun and superb entertainment. (Suitable for after dinner functions when projector not appropriate)

Moments, Memory & Magic:

Do you forget other people's names. Find yourself in one part of the house and wonder why you are there. Put it down to age. Forget it. It happens to young and old alike. But not everyone. The mysteries of the brain revealed. It's truly magic.

I May be Prejudiced but I'm not a Bad Person:

The truth about prejudice. Forget about political behaviour and why that difference is crucial. Learn the frightening truth about Allports Scale of Prejudice. A challenging talk but not threatening or labelling.

"If only I’d said...."

Ever said to yourself after an encounter, "If only I'd said...."? Break through the embarrassment with a few simple rules that could change your life.

Who Killed the Baroness?:

A facilitated activity that will amuse, edify and provoke. Do you want something different for your group? Then this is it. (Suitable for up to 42 people)

The Master Persuader's Toolbox:

Find out about the amazing psychological buttons that the experts press to exert influence on almost all your buying decisions. Your audience will look at advertisers, charities and sales material with new eyes.

The Midas Touch:

How to be successful. What are the simple rules that enable you to succeed in whatever you want to achieve. An amazing talk that changes the lives of all who hear it.

The Twentieth Century Policeman:

When Vic joined the police it was a force not a service. There were no personal radios, no panda cars and the women police were a separate organization. During his thirty years service he saw many changes. This talk is his story. (Suitable for after dinner functions and group meetings. Not a power point presentation).

The Nursery Rhyme Detective:


Do you remember all those nursery rhymes you used to recite as a child. They all seemed quite harmless, strange sometimes and meaningless as well. But the truth is that many of those little verses contained stories and secrets that were hidden beneath the radar of the State and other agencies of Power. Who was Georgie Porgie, what was going on involving blackbirds baked in a pie, and how could a well be on top of a hill? People sometimes ask "What is British Culture?" Certainly it is in our history and this fascinating talk explains how.


The Drive of a Lifetime:

Just as there are rules of the road there are also guidelines for life.
Once you understand the Highway Code and the laws that govern driving then you are well on the way to being a successful driver. Rules of living come from many sources including manners, ethics and laws. Does the way you drive reflect the way you live?

What are the Twelve days of Christmas really about?:

This talk is designed especially for Christmas. It is an illustrated presentation of seasonal legends like that of the Mistletoe or even the Robin. There are funny stories such as the Christmas brain transplant and conundrums that will delight and entertain any audience. This is a real Christmas winner.


The Christmas Chronicles:

This talk concentrates on the carol which begins with the line: “On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…” and then proceeds through the twelve days of Christmas.  Historically it has an interesting provenance as well as being in the Christian tradition. This talk is no longer than 30 minutes in length and is ideal for a thoughtful audience during the run up to Christmas. (30 minutes)


The Chronicles of Beer:

It's nice to go for a drink in a traditional pub. Have you ever wondered why so many have unusual signs? Why that name? How was it conceived and when? This talk explores the origin and sometimes the meanings, reasons and history of this British phenomenon. Going for a pint or glass of wine will never be the same again. Your members will be fascinated by this factual and occasionally amusing talk.

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