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How Can You be Sure that the Speaker you have chosen for your event will be a Hit with your Audience?

You see, paying a hefty fee doesn't really give you genuine guarantees. You may be paying that much because he or she is a celebrity, and their speaking ability is suspect?

They might send you a comic. But, what happens if he or she gets the mood of the audience wrong, or the jokes are just not funny?

On the other hand, not paying your speaker, may make economic sense, but what if the rule of "You get what you pay for" cuts in and leaves you up the creek without a paddle.

Here is good news! You no longer have to depend on expensive, time consuming agents, every time you need a speaker for one of your special gatherings.

There is a presenter who is more than just an after dinner speaker. Someone who gives a talk which not only entertains, but includes interesting facts and ideas. Some challenging or at the very least, food for thought. A person to whom audiences warm, and who has stood up in front of people in one form or another for almost forty years. Such as in court, at demonstrations, in classrooms, at major incidents, at after dinner events, in boardrooms, command posts, club meetings, university seminars, Probus and Rotary dinners, Round Table Events, Women's Networks and charity luncheons.

It may be you are running a conference, hosting the Annual General Meeting of your organisation, conducting a sales meeting, a club, a training event or any sort of get together and you are looking for someone a bit different.



Vic's recommended reading:

"Use Your Head"

 By Tony Buzan. If you or any of your loved ones struggles with  learning or remembering, this book will transform lives. To obtain your copy click on the picture and order it today. You will never regret it.

"The Richest Man in Babylon"

By George S. Clason. To obtain your copy click on the picture and order it today. Remember this is the book that holds the secrets of acquiring money, keeping money and making money earn more money.

"You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought"

By John-Roger & Peter McWilliams. If you are looking for questions that will lead you to your own answers then do get this book. To obtain your copy click on the picture and order it today. A decision that will revolutionise your life.


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