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Keith Baldwin - Former Household Cavalry soldier, retired Senior Police Officer, Micro light Aircraft Pilot and Rambler!! In a repertoire developed over a number of years, Keith has a fund of humorous anecdotes and stories suitable for entertainment at events large or small. Using his unique style of delivery and impeccable timing he engages with his audience as only a skilled raconteur can. This is particularly evident in his Christmas Entertainment package which guarantees a thoroughly enjoyable start to the festive celebrations. Additionally Keith has a wealth of more serious material, ranging from the works of the poets of the Great War and stories from that conflict, to pieces by Dylan Thomas and Charles Dickens. He also has a list of informative talks which include,’ The Household Cavalry‘, ’Why Laughter is Good for Us’, and ’War Heroes’.
As an experienced Compare and Speaker, Keith is also able to offer his services to more formal occasions or business events as a Co-ordinator or Key-Note Speaker. He is particularly adept at working with the customer in the pre-event planning stage to ensure that all requirements are met.
If you would like him to speak to your group or as a guest speaker at one of your events, then give him a call on 01462 635425. Please mention that you obtained his details from Vic Botterill's website.

Sue Hayward – Broadcaster, author, consumer champion and journalist. She has presented programmes in Northamptonshire and the Three Counties area. Having worked as a writer, particularly in the field of Women’s Magazines she has had a lot of experience in the world of business. She is exceptionally well placed to understand the needs of women in the workplace.

 She has written a book called "Women Leading" and this has been very well received.
Another talk in her portfolio, which has excited a lot of interest is entitled “How To Become A streetwise Consumer”
Are you fed up with battling with shops over faulty goods? Had a nightmare holiday but not sure who to complain to? Washing machine been fixed five times and still leaking? We've all had these consumer nightmares but it's often knowing what our rights are and who to contact to get results. Sue Hayward is a Consumer Presenter & Journalist who can explain what's what in the world of consumer rights.
She is currently presenting a property show on Sky Television concentrating on the market overseas and is prepared to give a talk on this subject as well.
If you would like her to speak to your group or as a guest speaker at one of your events, then you can contact her via 01530 267220. Please mention that you obtained her details from Vic Botterill's website.


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