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Hello and a very warm welcome to my website.


My name is Vic Botterill and I have been a public speaker for all kinds of occasions for more years than I care to remember.


My thirty odd years in the police culminating in the the rank of Chief Inspector has given me a unique insight into Human behaviour from the ordinary to the extraordinary. I try to address the way we really are, from a multitude of fascinating, amusing and sometimes challenging views and subjects.


My talks are great for every type of gathering, tailored to fit everyone's requirements, and some are more suitable than others for after dinner events.


Please contact me for further information by email, snail-mail, phone or the enquiry form here



I look forward to seeing you and can assure that you and your audience will not be disappointed.




Vic Botterill B.A.

21 Rib Vale Bengeo HERTFORD SG14 3LE
Tel: 01992 558666


P.S. Take a peek at my book section.....You may find something of interest to you there........








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