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DVD to change your life: LIVING, LOVING AND STRESS

Here is good news! You can live longer! You can be healthier! You can be successful without becoming driven!  You can enjoy a full love life! You can live in a fulfilling way and remain in balance.

At the moment, do you find you live in a state of "I have to!"?

Are your forgetting everyday words? Have you become a skip reader? Do you forget the names of people you have known for years? Are you constantly irritated, particularly by those you love?  Does the joy in your life seem to have gone? Do you avoid being touched and are reluctant to touch others, even those you love? Do you seldom laugh? Do you have difficulty getting to sleep and then wake up early? Are you always in a rush?

If your answer to most of those questions was "Yes", then you are probably in the late stages of stress and verging on Distress.

This DVD is the film of a talk by Vic Botterill, a professional speaker to an invited audience. The title of the presentation is "Living, Loving and Stress".  It covers the condition in all its forms (only dead people don't get stress!) and he explains the circumstances when it is no longer something that helps you achieve, but becomes a threat to your health.

He then sets out those things which enable you to cope with the stress of everyday living and suggests other really practical strategies to ensure you live a fulfilling, healthy and long life.

Most stress advice merely enables you to cope with more stress. This DVD will enable you to understand what is really happening to your mind and body and to do something practical and life enhancing.

The presentation is 55 minutes long, highly entertaining, fascinating, amusing and will most certainly change your life. This is the talk that Vic gives regularly to groups and at events.

The price of 5.00 plus 90p postage and packing.

Order your copy of the DVD today. Just complete the easy to use ORDER FORM and select how you would like to make your payment.

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